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Welcome to Canyon View Construction, we’re glad you’re here! We’ve built our business recognizing that there are many components to having an excellent construction experience. We are set apart by our quest for knowledge. This entails a thorough understanding of the process, the industry, budget, and efficiency. Even more, we value your knowledge as an owner, a subcontractor, an employee, a friend. We look forward to working with you.

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This is Canyon View Construction. Where knowledge is the difference between quality work, staying on-budget, and exceeding expectations on your valued projects.

Our owner, Robert Squires first aspired to become a builder while working on a Cattle Ranch in St. Cloud, Florida. He built fences, barns, corrals, homes, and worked on heavy machinery for land development. He learned early on what it is like to work hard, and to start from scratch.

Since then, he has been in the construction industry for 22 years, covering projects from bathroom remodels to midrise, high end multi-million dollar projects. His experience ranges from educational to industrial, and also includes being a family man.

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